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Sleep Peacefully in the Cool Comfort of the Quality and Style You’ll Find at Furniture Solutions Bedroom Store

At Furniture Solutions in Sun City, AZ, we provide a wide range of bedroom furniture, mattresses and adjustable bed bases, for every décor and budget. The most important piece of furniture in the home is your bed. We spend approximately 1/3 of our life in bed, and the quality and comfort of that bed might just determine the quality of your life. Sleep is important because the amount of sleep we get, or don’t get does affect how we feel and even how we behave. Of all of the rooms in your home to invest in, we think this is the most important, the bed being the most important however we believe the aesthetics are important too. We hope that you’ll stop in to discuss all of the many options for the best sleep experience, as well as the awake enjoyment.


Below, we’ve listed some of the bedroom furniture we offer:

  • Bedroom Sets
  • Dressers with Mirrors
  • Dressers without Mirrors
  • Chests
  • Door Chests
  • Nightstands
  • Armoires
  • Storage Beds
  • Headboards
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High-Quality Furniture Solutions in Sun City, AZ